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Research Resources

Resources presented on these pages are intended to be links of persistent relevance to the subject.
Regularly updated feeds and more ephemeral links can always be found in the WebLog itself.

Ian's original drafts / papers / resources - and other works in progress.

Glossaries / Dictionaries / Encyclopedias - ready references and definitions.

Annotated bibliography of reference publications - (Still under construction)

EPISTLE - The European Process Industries STEP Technical Liaison Executive. A rather contrived acronym for a rich source of specifications and information from cooperative efforts to exploit Generic Entity Model Framework in ...
EPISTLE Core Model, EPISTLE Reference Data Library, and EPISTLE Templates.
(Go to the above also for in-context links to POSC Caesar, PISTEP, USPI-NL, STEP, ISO SC4, PIEBASE, FIATECH OOF, ISO-15926, PLCS, SUO Project and a lot more industrial information model standards.)

W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
The adopted home of Tim Berners-Lee inspired Semantic Web activities and the major source of specifications for web technologies and protocols.

ProcessML - a branded (but nevertheless open) implementation of EPISTLE Templates, including the only formal specification of these. Valuable proof of concept implementation of the model itself, and also the W3C / XML protocols needed to fully support "Reference Data" aspects.
(Draft for republication as InfoWebML to broaden beyond the process industry and offer for possible W3C publication.)

KnoW - Knowledge on the Web - In its own words ... A collaborative initiative bringing together industrial, commercial, governmental and not-for-profit organizations, consultants, implementers, academics and software vendors, with the intent of making rapid and tangible progress towards enabling the sharing and exchange of knowledge between people, organizations and systems using the technology of the web. (In practice, a discussion forum.)

ROBOTWISDOM - Home page of AI Guru Jorn Barger. Original & diverse insights into Artificial Intelligence, and intelligent use of the web itself. Most active via the RobotWisdomWebLog through which Jorn's AI / Knowledge Modelling snippets see the light of day amongst the mind-boggling stream of "check this out" log entries.

MISQ - Management Information Systems Quarterly
includes aspects of the application of qualitative approaches, directed at business management. (Mike Myers is on the editorial board.)

PRINCIPIA CYBERNETICA - in its own words ... Principia Cybernetica tries to tackle age-old philosophical questions with the help of the most recent cybernetic theories and technologies. A wealth of AI activities - current hot-topics are memes and memetics. (Also a reference source on Occam's Razor.)

Ontolingua / KSL Ontology Server - Stanford University Knowledge Systems Laboratory hosted environment for collaborative creation and editing of ontologies.

Computing / Cognition as Compression (Was SP - Simple is Powerful Theory, part of Gerry Wolf's pages at Bangor University of Wales) with particular focus "towards a new concept of software". Some powerful thinking, but beware the radical (ie dodgy) anti-global-business politics. Now being Marketed by Gerry in AI / Natural Language Processing spheres as "Cognition Research" with a piece of software currently known as SP6.1

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