Collected brainstorm – highlights
(A collection of thoughts pre-dating the K-Blog itself. Summer 2001)

I hear what you say ?
I know what you said, but I assumed you meant …. ?
The road to hell is paved with good intentions ?
I know, but it wasn’t politically correct to say that ?

Deemed ontology – entirely logical deterministic.
Real world data / rules only ever phenomenal / perceived / conceived by human at some point.
Latter is approximate / perception of intent based
– also result of more complex / chaotic real-world system than encodable rules.
Model is deliberate (deterministic) simplification of something that is not necessarily
(in fact in a real human organisation, very unlikely to be) deterministic.
Can such a model incorporate holistic, chaotic, complexity issues ?
Is “non-deterministic” the right concept ?– Check Chaos theories.)

Tacit understanding ?
Read my lips ?
Do as I do, not as I say ? Do as I say, not as I do ?
That’s what I thought you wanted to hear ?
Space-Time-Probability-Intent/Purpose/Form/Function axes ?
(Conjecture: in modelling human organisation, communication of intent and understanding
are higher (but not exclusive) concepts than existence and fact ?)
Probabilistic rather than deterministic processing ?
Many worlds of possible outcomes ? Where are fixed points ?
Does God Play Dice / Whenever I hear of Schroedinger’s cat I …..
Data / Info / Knowledge / Wisdom ?
Determinism / probability / holism ratio counter intuitive ?
Warp & Weft of Knowledge ?
Hierarchical Tree Ontologies / Grove Model / Fractal Thicket – Jorn Barger
SP Theory / Simplicity & Power / KISS / Keep it Simple.
Inform is a verb, and an active, transitive one at that. – Data isn’t
Information is communication (use of language)
Embedded meaning without context or intent ?
Use / intent / purpose / application – application software.
The question is the database.
AI / LISP / PROLOG / Symbolic languages
A model for communication is really a language ?
Languages – Natural and planned ?
Symbolic “txt”ing ? Telexese / radio-lingo / Alpha Bravo etc ..
ISO and local-non-std public signage symbology ?
E-Mail mood symbols – smiley’s ?
Archetypal “video recorder instructions”.

I don’t believe it ?
Sorry, where did you get that from ?
That’s funny, I heard the same thing ?
Corroboration of the same misinformation – common source ?
No smoke without fire ?
Bush telegraph more effective than formal channels ?
Well that’s what it says here ?
I know what it says there, but it’s not meant to mean that ?
A little information is a dangerous thing ?
Send three and fourpence ….
Which is the most significant byte ?
Does the emperor’s suit of clothes exist ?.
Formality which satisfies the means, but not the end ?
What are you trying to say ?

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