Sieving Electrons – Classification with Emergent Patterns

Sieving Electrons ?Classification, literally meaning fitering by pass / no-pass screening or sieving.Even Pirsig (Lila) talks about classification in a strictly (classical) binary fashion, when a thought struck me. There is surely some parallel between emergent “quantum computing” QuBits being non-binary / dualist, and the wave / particle duality experienced when “sieving” (classifying) electrons through … Continue reading “Sieving Electrons – Classification with Emergent Patterns”

Collecting KM Links

Knowledge Management LinksA whole host of interesting KM theory and related links resulting from a Google search. essays, with similar synchronicity between geometry and east / west, subjective / objective knowledge views, plus the Golden Mean Dicussion Group. KM organisation founded by Yogesh Malhotra. Many citations from e-Biz Gurus, major Consultancies and Educational Institutions. … Continue reading “Collecting KM Links”

It From Bit

The idea of “it from bit” is pretty central to my information metaphysics view of reality, but I rarely use the expression, and in fact don’t believe I’ve ever made explicit reference to John Wheeler’s seminal paper that coined this view. There is so much secondary referencing in the EES and IIT sphere’s of modern … Continue reading “It From Bit”

Chips With Everything – Learning from the Computation Game – [Work-in-Progress]

Introduction One way or another computers are ubiquitous in 21st century life. Everything has a chip in it, every device has some programming interface, – every game (or even every motor car it seems) has a “cheat” code, and the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is soon upon us. The pace of growth and change is mind-boggling, … Continue reading “Chips With Everything – Learning from the Computation Game – [Work-in-Progress]”

It’s Evolutionary Psychology Stupid

(Editorial Note : This paper was originally prepared for the 2005 Liverpool Conference on Robert Pirsig and his Metaphysics of Quality (MoQ). It is a personal non-technical view of the MoQ, and indeed the first part of paper is an entirely subjective and naive account of the author’s “thought journey” that led to reading Pirsig … Continue reading “It’s Evolutionary Psychology Stupid”

Success = Redundancy

I have an adage that no-one ever seems to buy, that aiming to make oneself redundant is a primary driver (for me and quite a few people I know, at least). If something takes effort to explain and sell, implement and extract value, then there is work for consultants, sure, but boy it becomes boring … Continue reading “Success = Redundancy”

Updating David Deutsch

In preparation for writing some synthesis of Davids Deutsch and Chalmers’ work, I was updating my earliest links to quantum information (Deutsch and Josephson), and see that Deutsch’s QuBit Centre for Quantum Computation home page is now a Blog. Intriguing, after my summary of Deutsch’s four main threads in the Fabric of Reality as * … Continue reading “Updating David Deutsch”

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