Read Before You Die

Indeed a strange skewed must-read list for such high status from The Grauniad. [via Sam] To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee The Bible The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by JRR Tolkien 1984 by George Orwell A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen All … Continue reading “Read Before You Die”

Full Circle, Paradoxically

I just blogged about Colin Talbot‘s “Paradoxical Primate” which despite the unlikely sounding TLA (Three Letter Acronym) “PST” (Paradoxical Systems Theory) jargon, and the negative review I initially stumbled upon, I found the subject and title headings sufficiently attractive to order a copy. I’d just renewed contact with Bruce Charlton only a coupleĀ of days ago, … Continue reading “Full Circle, Paradoxically”

Sid Steals The Headlines

Sylvia and I found ourselves in Nashville on the day of Beckham’s friendly run out for LA Galaxy against Chelski, and had the pre-match build up on ESPN in the hotel whilst getting ready to go out for the evening. Who should we spot in the briefest glimpse warming up on the pitch for Chelsea, … Continue reading “Sid Steals The Headlines”

Lawrence’s Humour

T E Lawrence inĀ Seven Pillars of Wisdom (p417, Cape 1940 edition) The Arab respected force a little: he respected craft more, and often had it in enviable degree: but most of all he respected blunt sincerity of utterance, nearly the sole weapon God had excluded from his armament. The Turk was all things by turn, … Continue reading “Lawrence’s Humour”

Aircraft Piccies

Sorry, couldn’t resist capturing these links after browsing a link from Rivets. This German site with zillions of air-show pics and links Includes those C17 flare smoke / trailing vortex images. This bible (?) page with countless images of vapour clouds Linked here before, but this page has dozens (hundreds ?) of further … Continue reading “Aircraft Piccies”

Paradoxical Fun ?

Here in northern Alabama, there are a dozen churches of every christian denomination per square mile as far as the eye can see. The locals also seem to “celebrate” Halloween as a major social and commercial event. We’ve been unable to move for pumpkins, fall-wreaths, packets of “treats” and the smell of cinnamon in the … Continue reading “Paradoxical Fun ?”

You Tube Phenomenon

It’s fascinating what video clips you can find on-line, somehow much more interesting than the music download thing. Rivets keeps linking to eclectic, downright bizarre and genuinely interesting examples. A great collection of piano players here at White Man Stew. And whilst we’re linking from Rivets … Da Vinci turning in his grave ? One … Continue reading “You Tube Phenomenon”

Car Buying Behaviour & Scams

Further to the last post, I’ve seen some interesting things about car selling in the last three weeks. Initially I put my motor up for sale at the wrong price – right age, but no adjustment for the very high mileage (it’s probably the highest mileage VX in captivity in fact). Anyway in three weeks … Continue reading “Car Buying Behaviour & Scams”