The Seven Pillars of Wisdom – by T. E. Lawrence

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Review by Ian Glendinning, December 2002.
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David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia made a big impression in the 1970’s. Lawrence became an obsession later when I read Seven Pillars and numerous biographies, reinforced by my real-life path crossing with T. E. Lawrence history at several points. As I think I have already posted in the weblog – reading Seven Pillars was the first time I really considered the idea that “men of letters” could be as significant as “engineers” – I should know, I are one.

Although I've still not added a detailed review of Seven Pillars, nor any other detailed links to TEL subjects, I did make a "pilgrimage" to Jordan to travel in his footsteps in March 2001. I published [my gallery of photographs - Link Broken]

[Hold – incomplete.]

[Still incomplete in 2007, but I have blogged some review links during a recent re-read.]

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