RIP Lisa Jardine @ProfLisaJardine

So sad to lose Lisa Jardine. I was lost for words last night as the news came through via Twitter, and today maybe 95% of my Twitter activity feed has been dedicated to her. That may say something about the kind of people I follow on Twitter, but she surely made an impression on those … Continue reading “RIP Lisa Jardine @ProfLisaJardine”

Dawkins right ? Never ;-) @ProfLisaJardine

Not in any technical sense incest, agreed. No sense of “genetic-in-breeding” in the specific conception, but nevertheless a little weird arrangement. “Beautiful” if you’re a geneticist / biologist that Mary chose her brother to be the “biological” father of her “adoptive” child, as sperm donor to her marriage partner, specifically to have some genetic tie … Continue reading “Dawkins right ? Never 😉 @ProfLisaJardine”

Things I never knew about my father @proflisajardine @conwayhall

Blogging live from the Conway Memorial Lecture at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square. Lisa Jardine’s subject is her father Jacob Bronowski, public intellectual and humanist responsible for inspiring a generation, myself included. When I blogged about my “Bronowski Moment” some years ago, I discovered it was a moment shared with many, including Lisa herself. The … Continue reading “Things I never knew about my father @proflisajardine @conwayhall”

Academic Revolution @grahamfarmelo @proflisajardine

In the previous post “Everybody Wants a Revolution” one of my links was to Nick Maxwell’s Knowledge to Wisdom campaign – the call for a revolution in academe. Also on The Global Circle blog Allan McKenna posted a simple plea for specific advice to individuals at incremental stages in academe between undergraduate and tenured professor. … Continue reading “Academic Revolution @grahamfarmelo @proflisajardine”

Ethics of Science @ProfLisaJardine @TiffanyJenkins #Scientism

Interesting BBC R4 Point of View this morning by Lisa Jardine. [Fuller text in BBC Magazine article.] Based on the telling by her father (Jacob Bronowski) of the Leo Szillard story of the flash of inspiration that led him to patent the neutron chain reaction idea as a source of energy in the name of … Continue reading “Ethics of Science @ProfLisaJardine @TiffanyJenkins #Scientism”

Laddish Disservice to Science @ProfLisaJardine @SueNelson @alicebell @tiffanyjenkins

Interestingly, just seconds after the previous post on the disservice done to science by the conflation of science and technology, Lisa Jardine also tweeted a link to this Sue Nelson piece on “BBC lads’ science” in the Telegraph. And, only hours after Jim AlKhalili had tweeted to “boast” (tongue in cheek) about acquisition of  his iPhone5 … Continue reading “Laddish Disservice to Science @ProfLisaJardine @SueNelson @alicebell @tiffanyjenkins”

Disservice to Science & Technology @ProfLisaJardine @alicebell

Lisa Jardine tweeted a link to this piece by Alice Bell, on BP funding of the International Centre for Advanced materials with the comment “More please.” In so far as the emphasised conclusion is not to simply object to, or place demands on, industrial funding of “science”, but that the public debate should aim to … Continue reading “Disservice to Science & Technology @ProfLisaJardine @alicebell”

#ScienceInTheHeadlines @ProfLisaJardine @jimalkhalili @BBCR4today @tiffanyjenkins

Lisa Jardine was briefly on BBC R4 Today this morning on the need for science to have proper conversation with the pubic about its work. Not sure even top class journalists like Justin an/or Evan got what Lisa meant my a proper conversation, but her point is very important. In these days of ubiquitous mass … Continue reading “#ScienceInTheHeadlines @ProfLisaJardine @jimalkhalili @BBCR4today @tiffanyjenkins”