The Fate of Evil Genius?

There are so many points at which David Lavery’s sources on thinking and writing touch mine, that I need to remind myself that it might be no coincidence. I suspect I picked-up a lot of references from reading an on-line draft of his “Evil Genius” back in 2004, though I know a lot more about … Continue reading “The Fate of Evil Genius?”

Lavery’s Evil Genius

Just read Lavery’s Evil Genius now in its entirety. Looks unfinished (is that deliberate ?); ends with scene on 10th November 2004 (385th anniversary of Descartes’ birth). “I have set up a headquarters …” or is he (or she) just waiting for us all to join him (or her) there ? (Are the forward and … Continue reading “Lavery’s Evil Genius”

David Lavery’s Evil Genius

Just updated my link to David Lavery‘s Owen Barfield site a couple of days ago. Today Robert Pirsig himself recommended David Lavery’s “Evil Genius” site via Ant McWatt on the MoQ Discussion Board. Who is Joanna Climacus ? Real or fiction ? (Or is it Johanna Climacus – both spellings on the site ? The … Continue reading “David Lavery’s Evil Genius”

Life, the Universe and Nothing New Under the Sun?

Although I’ve not being doing much original writing recently – very busy at work, home & garden, and learning some semantic-web programming(!) – I’m still following the panpsychism traffic via twitter and via hits on the blog. I still owe Tim Bollands a considered review – he’s in good company with my “close but no … Continue reading “Life, the Universe and Nothing New Under the Sun?”

The Problem is the Unmoderated Pace of Social Media

There are lots of problems with social media, blamed for so much fake news and the like, undermining everyday politics one way or another. I’ve been warning about parts of the problem for almost two decades, as a memetic phenomenon, and in the last couple of years – aside from the explicitly political commentaries – … Continue reading “The Problem is the Unmoderated Pace of Social Media”

Lavery on the Web

I updated links with David Lavery’s work recently, but I also just noticed a recent post of his summarizing his various web projects. As well as the “Descartes – Evil Genius” pages, take a look at the commonplace book “The Imaginative Thinker” which as well as being an extensive collection of quotes, actually includes an … Continue reading “Lavery on the Web”

Book Anxiety

I’ve blogged before “Too much to read, too little time” noting references picked-up during the reading I do manage to achieve – a reading list growing faster than the pace of possible reading. Not uncommon apparently – here a 1989 paper from David Lavery – “How to Gut a Book“. Here quoting Thomas Wolfe’s, Eugene Gant The … Continue reading “Book Anxiety”

The Eyes in Kant’s Head

Hat tip to Anita Leirfall – who, we discovered quite randomly, lived just a few doors away from where Sylvia and I lived in Oslo – quite randomly posting a link to a 2021 edition of BBC Radio 4 “In Our Time” on Kant. Kant’s Copernican Revolution | In Our Time Melvyn Bragg and guests … Continue reading “The Eyes in Kant’s Head”