Bellow’s Taxonomy

Like this Saul Bellow quote from Seb Fiedler. Don’t think it has to be head shrinks, but any professional advice about a problem always feels good if the problem gets an official name, more so than if it gets any meaningful solution. The name of the rose. The bible of taxonomists everywhere ?

The Boundaries of (Natural) Science

Rudolf Steiner divides opinion but his thinking is undoubtedly valuable. Think Anthroposophy/Theosophy and Steiner/Waldorf Schools, whether as intended by Steiner or interpreted ideologically by his disciples ever since, but the value in what he actually said and wrote remains. [Feels a bit like Jordan Peterson for a 21st C example – undoubtedly guilty of association … Continue reading “The Boundaries of (Natural) Science”

Chicago on the Edge

In the previous post – more on the interminable God vs Science saga – I concluded with a reference to Chicago. Firstly, the reason I was browsing Mary Hrovat’s Thinking Meat was because I noticed she’d blogged an initial look at this year’s Edge question, which I’d not done yet, but she already concluded as I have … Continue reading “Chicago on the Edge”

Freedom Cancelled

Just read Saul Bellow’s “Dangling Man” his first book, written in 1944 – he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1976. Picked-up on Bellow for the Chicago Uni connections, but otherwise no strong connection to my agenda in Dangling Man – references and allusions to Goethe and Dostoevsky abound. Joeseph, is the man dangling … Continue reading “Freedom Cancelled”