Leaky Briefs – Trust In Confidence

The current story about the leak from the UK National Security Council (NSC) is important because it has nothing to do with Huawei (or Brexit, or Trump, or Climate change, or anything other than leaky security). People are thoroughly used to participants briefing leaks from “internal” meetings – all sides do it to fly their … Continue reading “Leaky Briefs – Trust In Confidence”

Trust in Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I’ve been sitting on this link for a while, an Independent piece by Andy Martin on his interview of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She’s someone I’ve kept at arm’s length through the whole recent Islamophobia period – care is needed when unpicking the political correctness of anti-Islam / Islamism rhetoric and campaigns. Islam has a problem … Continue reading “Trust in Ayaan Hirsi Ali”

Evidence Reduces Trust

A couple of readings and conversations – face-to-face and social-media – recently, that play directly into my agenda of keeping science and humanism honest, and expose where I’m at odds with received wisdom. I’m used to it after 15 years of blogging and, of course, countering with alternatives to┬áreceived wisdom is the point. I’m not … Continue reading “Evidence Reduces Trust”

Trust or Fear? @elizaphanian @conwayhall @BBCGavinHewitt

I ventured an opinion in my last post on the state of party politics in the current election campaign. Normally I’m more interested in the principles and practicalities of governance itself, but in a democracy we do each have to make a choice occasionally, so picking between party ideologies and “manifestos” – even individuals and … Continue reading “Trust or Fear? @elizaphanian @conwayhall @BBCGavinHewitt”

Trust – again

Less can be more when it comes to public communication, yet again: Some will assume that the only reason [not to] publish a full list …. is because they have something to hide ….┬áThere is, though, one other reason – a worry about where transparency will stop. When the public loses trust in institutions they … Continue reading “Trust – again”

Bandwidth of Trust

Seems I’m not alone. Karl-Erik Sveiby, founding father of knowledge management, says: Trust is the bandwidth of communication. I like that. Thanks to David Gurteen for the link. Interestingly, Sveiby also records aboriginal Tex Skuthorpe (in Treading Lightly) saying: We don’t have a word for [knowledge]. Our land is our knowledge, we walk on the … Continue reading “Bandwidth of Trust”

Information on Trust

Trust and information go hand in hand. There is no information without trust. Limited data maybe, information of real value; no. Interesting to read this piece on Three Mile Island in the light of the current Japanese problems: “The understated equivocations of their spokesmen – and their genuine uncertainty about the situation – engendered mistrust, … Continue reading “Information on Trust”