Benefit of the Doubt

Interesting looking back on Hans Blix words around the time of the Iraq WMD inspections on how it is hard (and political) to know how to apply the “benefit of the doubt” in forensic cases like the Syrian chemical weapons “attack”. I have no doubt chemical weapons were detonated near Syrian civilians . How come? … Continue reading “Benefit of the Doubt”

No Certain Facts

Listened to Hans Blix speaking last night at the faculty of law in Cambridge. Fairly dry matter-of-fact talk on the history and practice of weapons inspections & treaty verifications as an international law subject, from Victorian exploding bullets and dum-dums, via nuclear test bans and proliferation treaties to … well you know what. In summary … Continue reading “No Certain Facts”

Intent is part of Knowledge – Official

Intent is part of Knowledge – Official. Hans Blix [via BBC] talking with David Frost about the government spin (both US and UK) in WMD intelligence saga says [Quote] “It was to do with information management. The intention was to dramatise it,” [Unquote]. Dramatise, sex-up ? Intent all the same. Interestingly he is publicly stating … Continue reading “Intent is part of Knowledge – Official”