Brian Josephson at Nobel Lindau 2019

Just a holding post to capture this recent (2019) link to Brian Josephson’s Nobel Laureate talk to young scientists at the 2019 Lindau meeting. Brian was one of the first physical scientists I came across (back in 2002) that gave serious consideration of the relevance to physics of living and conscious models. I’ve seen him … Continue reading “Brian Josephson at Nobel Lindau 2019”

Josephson and JCS

These papers on-line from the Journal of Consciousness Studies are all ten years old, but full of good ideas. Linked by a cross-hit on Brian Josephson, whose contribution here is a review of Roger Penrose “Shadows of the Mind”, and include references to Chalmers, GEB and qualia, amongst other things. Some good reading. (Also linked … Continue reading “Josephson and JCS”

Josephson – Mind-Matter Unification

New thread from BCS to the Mind-Matter Unification ProjectBrian Josephson (Nobel Laureate) at Cavendish Labs, Cambridge Uni PhysicsMore Quantum Physics and Cognition stuff.Also a behavioural “chaos” example (?) of synchronisation in the Millennium Bridge problems.

Fundamental Information & Computation

I’ve often noted that I hold an information monism – its processing & communication – to be underlying both the physical and the mental. In fact as recently as my previous post, I include it in a summary of my position linking information & entropy with systems & cybernetics. My “What, Why and How do … Continue reading “Fundamental Information & Computation”

Life More Fundamental Than Physics?

What goes around comes around – again – is a recurring feeling that suggests again that I should stop reading and focus on the writing. When I reviewed Unger and Smolin back in 2015 – on meta-laws being more fundamental than mathematical laws of physics – I noted another regular reference of mine – Brian … Continue reading “Life More Fundamental Than Physics?”

McGilchrist – Stapp – Whitehead

Just a holding post to capture a three-way link. Mentioned a couple of posts ago, I was reading some 1900 / 1920 / 1930’s stuff in scientific knowledge – Schlick, Eddington and Haeckel – in which I also mentioned I had picked-up my half-remembered (2011) Henry Stapp. I suspect I will not complete the early-1900’s … Continue reading “McGilchrist – Stapp – Whitehead”